Bowens Esprit Digital DX500

The Esprit Digital DX Monoblo Available in Four Models. All four models feature variable power adjustments and completely interchangeable reflector and accessory mounts. This makes them an amazingly versatile lighting system, no matter how you combine them.

Esprit Digital DX500: The 500w/s monobloc has been our most popular size for decades. The evolution of the 500DX brings a level of control and precision to what has always been our best-selling product.

Whether you need power for commercial applications or the finesse of 1¼-10 f-stop accuracy for complete control, the 500DX is the perfect lighting solution. The DX range benefits of power accuracy, repeatability and full IR remote- control capability are all found on the 500DX, which also boasts good flash duration and excellent recycling speeds.

No larger than the 250DX and weighing only a fraction more, the 500DX is the perfect complement to any studio and the foundation of a first-class lighting system whatever your photographic specialization.

The Esprit Digital DX Series was designed and engineered for the photographer who needs an increased level of lighting precision. Whether it's the fine power-output adjustments for a crucial transparency shot or the refined repeatability that is so important with today's digital imaging tools, the Digital DX Series offers top performance and exceptional value for the money.
Precision light-output adjustments
Power-control range of six f-stops, from full to 1/32
A huge selection of reflectors and light control accessories
A choice of four different models: 250, 500 and 1000w/s & Pro 750
A built-in and switchable slave cell
Units fire at 100% recharge for complete accuracy
Full Infra Red remote-control capabilities
Three-position modeling lamp settings: off, on at 100% brightness or in proportion to the flash power selected
User-replaceable flash tubes

Model: Esprit Digital DX500
Description: Digital Monolight
Stored Energy 500w/s
Guide number (m/100 ISO) 82
Recycle time to full power (240v) 1.4secs.
Flash Duration to t=0.5 1/700 sec.
Flash Power Variation Full to 1/32
Stepless Power Variation In 1/10 f-stops
User Replaceable Flash Tube BW2032 (UV)
BW2030 (Clear)
Recommended Modeling Lamp 275w Photoflood
250w Halostar
Model Lamp Variability Full to 1/32
Colour Temperature (+/- 300K) 5600K
Voltage Stabilization ±0.5%
Flash Inhibit Circuit Yes
Ready Light Indication at 100% charge
Audible Recharge Confirmation Yes
Reflector Mount S-Type Bayonet
IR Remote Control Yes (optional RC-1 available)
Operating Voltage 90-250V 50Hz or 60Hz
Sync Voltage 14V
Built in Slave Cell Yes
Switchable Slave Cell Yes
Circuit Protection Yes 5A(F) fuse
EM Noise Suppression Yes
Width (including bracket) 6.9" / 170mm
Length 15.35" / 390mm
Height 4.92 inches / 125mm
Weight 7.05 lbs / 3.2kg



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