Bronica GS-1 6X7

Bronica's 6X7 is a heavy but solid camera featuring 16-1/500 sec shutter speed with mirror lockup, multiple exposures, depth-of field preview and with the optional AE prism finder you can have aperture-priority and metered manual. Interchangeable backs include 120, 220, Polaroid, and 6X6 and 6X4.5. Data display shows shutter speeds, exposure compensation, flash ready, AE lock with the optional AE prism finder. Film advance is manual via single turn hand crank or with the optional speed grip. nine Zenzanon-PG lenses with built-in leaf shutters ranging from 50 mm f-4.5 to 500 mm f-8 are available. Accessories include grips, bellows, extension tubes, and a 2X converter.
Employing extremely advanced electronics technology, Bronica has combined the functions of a large studio camera with the portability of a 35mm camera. Sophisticated enough for the studio and convenient enough for the field. The GS-1's main body is designed to be as simple as possible. The lens, viewfinder, film back and other accessories work together with the body to make an integrated unit of great versatility. The GS-1 is the first medium format camera that automatically adjusts the flash by directly metering light through the lens off the film plane. It features Bronica's unique electronically controlled Seiko lens shutter, and a flash that is adjustable for all speeds up to 1/500 second. The GS-1's tough body weighs only 1,830 grams, including all the standard attachments, so it's great on location. This portability, combined with state-of-the-art functions that meet the demanding needs of professionals, make the GS-1 a great medium format single lens reflex camera.


Bronica SQ-Ai 6X6

Built solid, this camera uses 120 and 220 roll films plus 645, 35 mm, 35 mm Panoramic, and Polaroid backs. Aperture and metered manual exposures are possible with the optional AE prism finder. Centerweighted or spot metering are available with the SQ-i prism finder. Bronica also offers waist-level and non meter prism finders. Shutter speeds range from 16-1/500 sec. plus bulb and time exposures. Other features include mirror lockup, multiple exposures, battery check, and safety locks. 14 Zenzanon -PS lenses with built-in leaf shutters support this camera. They range from a 35 mm fisheye to a 500 mm f-8 telephoto including a recently introduced 110 mm f-4 macro. A 1.4X and 2X converters, motor drives, extension tubes, flash brackets, and grips complete the system.
Based on the earlier SQ-A Series, the SQ-Ai is a medium format single lens reflex camera incorporating original Bronica "system" technology which answers the high image technique capabilities expected by the professional photographer. Through years of developing medium format single lens reflex cameras, based on the "system" concept, the SQ-Ai is now the result. The "system" design of the SQ-Ai, which incorporates interchangeable viewfinders, film back, focusing screens and lenses, allows you to create the best system for your needs.
Bronica SQ_B (Basic) is another 6X6 camera offered by Bronica and is sold in a kit only. The kit includes body, 120 back, 80 mm lens and waist-level finder. Note that the SQ-I AE prism finder will not function with this camera.


Bronica ETR-Si 645

ETR-si is lightweight and very rugged. It uses interchangeable 120 and 220, plus 35mm and Polaroid film backs. Film advance is manual but an optional motordrive is available. Centerweighted or spot metering in aperture-priority plus metered manual with the optional AE prism finder. Other features are 8 to 1/500th sec. shutter speeds plus bulb and time exposure, multiple exposures, mirror lockup, battery check. Choice of five interchangeable viewfinders plus extension tubes, bellows , teleconverters, and grips. Zenzanon-PE lenses with built-in leaf shutters range from 30 mm fisheye to a 500 mm f-8 including a 100 mm macro, 100-220mm and a 45-90mm zooms.
ETR-Si with a compact design emphasizing great handling ease. The ETR-si special importance has been placed on this point and there is a high degree of system flexibility. Not only has a compact and light-weight camera been developed, based on Bronica's exclusive lens shutter system, but Bronica has advanced the use of electronics in various sophisticated functions, resulting in enhanced precision. And, the pursuit of greater holding stability has also lead to an improvement in handling ease. The very flexible "system" design of the ETR-si, in which lenses, finders, film backs and focusing screens can be freely exchanged, as well as full range of valuable accessories makes it possible to customize the camera to match the user's intention in picture-taking. These versatile functions in a very compact camera have been successful in greatly increasing the creative freedom in photography.