Enlarging lenses


Rodenstock offers several enlarging lenses:

ROGONAR: Affordable lenses for beginners and hobbyist, the Rogonar features three elements and a simple optical design. It offers good results when used for a smaller prints and an aperture of 11.

Available lenses: 50mm f/2.8, 75mm f/4.5

ROGONAR-S: With a simple optical design but high performance, the four-element Rogonar-S is perfect for amateurs or professional.

Available lenses: 25mm f/4.0, 35mm f/4.0, 50mm f/2.8, 75mm f/4.5, 90mm f/4.5, 105mm f/4.5, 135mm f/4.5

RODAGON: Rodagon offers brilliant reproduction over a wide range of enlargements With a six-element design, the Rodagon provides very good resolution with high contrast on axis to field edge.

Available lenses: 28mm f/4.0, 35mm f/4.0, 50mm f/2.8, 60mm f/4.0, 80mm f/4.0, 105mm f/5.6, 135mm f/5.6, 150mm f/5.6, 180mm f/5.6, 210mm f/5.6, 240mm f/5.6, 300mm f/5.6, 360mm f/6.3

RODAGON-WA: Designed for smaller areas, the Rodagon-WA has a shorter focal length and a large angle of view, and achieves a 70% larger projection area than with standard focal lengths.

Available lenses: 40mmf/4.0, 60mm f/4.0, 80 mm f/4.0, 120mm f/5.6

APO-RODAGON-N: The Apo-Rodagon-N is an apochromatically-corrected, high performance lens that gives perfect results. It eliminates visible color fringes on high contrast borders, and is a preferred lens for B&W imaging applications.

Available lenses: 50mm f/2.8, 80mm f/4.0, 105mm f/4.0, 150mm f/4.0,

RODAGON-G: For extremely large reproduction scales, the Rodagon-G is a great choice. This lens series surpasses the quality of all conventional enlarging lenses of this type.

Available lenses: 50mm f/2.8, 105mm f/5.6, 150mm f/5.6, 210mm f/5.6, 240mm f/5.6, 300mm f/5.6, 360mm f/6.8, 480mm f/8.4

APO-RODAGON-D: Ideal for duplication work, macro photography and CCD cameras, the Apo-Rodagon-D lens is designed for scales of 0.4X to 2.5X. It offers superior duplication with practically no loss in quality.

Available lenses: 75mm f/4.0, 75mm f/4.5, 120mm f/5.6


Apo-Componon HM

The Apo-Componon HM lens is apochromatically corrected and high-quality for professional and amateur photographers. Contrast, color correction, and multi-coating gives great image quality. These features allows you to use wider apertures for short exposure times, even at high magnifications, without loss of performance.
For 40mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 90mm focal lengths it has been equipped with a luminous aperture scale, illuminated setting index, preset iris, and disengagable click stops. The preset iris allows the diaphragm to be opened after setting the working apertures in order to correct the image sector or focusing.

Available lenses:40mm f/2.8, 45mm f/4.0, 60mm f/4.0, 90mm f/4.5, 120mm f/5.6, 150mm, f/4.0


The Componon series are used by professionals for 35 mm and medium formats with linear magnifications between 2 and 20 x. Their optical design adapted to the different negative sizes, six elements in four components, and the type of correction used gives high contrast and excellent reproduction. The Componons also include illuminated aperture scale, click stops as well as step-less aperture adjustment and with preset aperture control. The disengagable click-stop system permits precise fine adjustment of apertures when working with color analyzers and other meter systems. Once the lens is stopped down to the desired aperture, the preset control allows it to be reopened fully for cropping or refocusing.

Available lenses: 28mm f/4, 35mm f/4, 40mm f/4, 60mm f/5.6


The Componon-S range is one of top-performance professional enlarging lenses. They are 6-element, 4-group lenses with special optical glass that are corrected for flat field, high contrast, and excellent definition. The aperture ring with linearized f-stop scale for focal lengths from 135mm to 210mm with illuminated iris scale has click stops at full and half steps. On lenses with focal lengths from 135mm and 150mm, a lever can disengage the click stops for fine aperture adjustment when using color analyzers or other measuring systems.
Componon-S lenses of 50mm to 100mm focal lengths are fitted in a barrel mount with luminous aperture scale, disengagable click stop and preset aperture control. The iris can be opened after stopping down to the desired aperture for final cropping adjustment or fine focusing.

Available lenses: 50mm f/2.8, 80mm f/4, 100mm f/5.6, 135mm f/5.6, 150mm f/5.6, 180mm f/5.6, 210mm f/5.6, 240mm f/5.6, 300mm f/5.6, 360mm f/6.8