Fujifilm GX680 III Professional Medium Format SLR Camera Body with Multi-Format Capability

The next generation of the acclaimed GX680 series builds on the success of its predecessors with a host of features like multi-format capability; separate shot counts for the lens, body, and film holder; and Fujifilm's barcode scanning system.

Reflex camera with adjustable lens holder for the format 6x8 cm and three additional formats: 4.5x6 / 6x6 / 6x7 cm. This camera is the centerpiece of an extensive professional reflex camera system for which at present 17 interchangeable lenses, various viewfinders and cartridges as well as additional special accessories are available. The GX 680 III is extremely versatile, finding use in almost all areas of professional photography, no matter if in the studio or on location, for stills and advertising shots, at fashion shootings, architectural events, or any other shooting occasions.

Camera Type Medium Format SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera
Format 6x8cm
6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7cm using format masks (available as an option)
Lens Mount Interchangeable EBC Fujinon GX M lenses
At present there are altogether 17 interchangeable lenses available, ranging in focal length from 50 to 500 mm, including a Vario lens of 100-200 mm F/5.6. Standard lens: EBC FUJINON GXM135 mm F/5.6.
Viewfinder Reflex viewfinder with look-down screen (interchangeable). Viewfinder Light

shaft (fold-up) with integrated magnification lens (interchangeable); (AE-)

prism viewfinder, magnifying viewfinder optional.
Focus Type Telescopic bellows with two focusing knobs left/right and a focus-locking

lever. Maximum bellows extension 65 mm, with optional extension guides:

40mm, 80 mm. Interchangeable bellows.
Exposure Compensation Possible with optional 90 degree AE Viewfinder
Exposure Metering Aperture Priority and manual metering possible with optional 90 degree AE Viewfinder
Shutter /Release All lenses are equipped with an electronically controlled Seiko shutter #1 with

aperture control and stop-down lever.
1/400 s to 8 s and B
ISO Range 25 - 3200 ISO in 1/3 steps, for films with barcode and when using a type III

cartridge automatic ISO-adjustment possible
Film Transport Motorized transport according to format used; single-frame, series and multiple exposure mode; auto. Transport to first frame possible even with cartridge not attached.
Date/Time Yes
Tripod Socket 1/4" and 3/8th"
Depth Of Field Preview Yes, lever on lens barrel
Mirror Lock Up Automatic instant-return mirror, motor-driven; electromagnetic up/down movement with mirror up/down switch
Multiple Exposure Yes - After a multiple exposure, film must be wound forward with film advance button on back
Power Source Three lithium batteries 3V, Type CR 123A (cartridge III: 2 lithium batteries

3V, Type CR 2)
Dimensions 188 x 222 x 213mm (7.4 x 8.7 x 8.4")
Weight 2,690 grams (94.9oz)