Kodak Easyshare Z740 5MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom

The Kodak Easyshare Z740 camera is ideal for people who want to get close to their subject, but enjoy the simplicity of a point-and-shoot digital camera. Its powerful 10x (38-380mm equivalent) Kodak Retinar aspheric, all-glass optical zoom lens can quickly zero in on a small object or distant scene, picking up the detail, color, and textures that a less powerful lens would overlook. The 1.8-inch, high-resolution, indoor/outdoor LCD screen and electronic viewfinder are designed for previewing a scene, or reviewing and sharing shots just taken.


The Kodak Easyshare Z740 features 16 scene modes to help you get your shot.
In addition, the 5 MP Easyshare Z740 camera includes more advanced, yet simple to use, features to help people get exactly the pictures they want. These include 16 scene settings (e.g., party, sport, portrait) for various environments, continuous autofocus for crisp pictures, first and last burst modes for action photography, color options (e.g., black-and-white, sepia), and even PASM (program, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual) modes for greater control and creativity.


The Kodak Color Science Chip collects scene data to identify and adjust factors that influence picture quality.
The exclusive Kodak Color Science image processing chip helps deliver vibrant, accurate colors time and time again. Each time you click the shutter, the Kodak Color Science Chip performs an instantaneous and advanced analysis of collected scene data to identify and adjust multiple factors that influence picture quality. The scene light source is detected and adjustments are made to capture bright whites and true, vivid colors under difficult lighting conditions--fluorescent, tungsten, or daylight. Scene content is analyzed for luminance, focal distance, subject matter orientation, and color to determine the correct exposure and capture the natural details, accurate flesh tones, and rich colors you see in your composition. As with all Easyshare cameras, the Z740 includes the favorites feature, which lets people store dozens of pictures in internal memory for anytime, anywhere sharing; the Share button for designating pictures to be e-mailed or printed; popular Easyshare software for computer-based picture viewing, organizing, and sharing; and even high-quality video (640 x 480 pixels) for recording and sharing life in action. Z740 camera owners can also take advantage of a range of accessories for additional creativity, including a 0.7x wide-angle lens and 55 mm circular polarizer and neutral density filters.


The camera's 10x optical zoom is equivalent to a 380mm zoom on a 35mm camera.
A Powerful Zoom, Because Close Isn't Close Enough

Kodak Retinar All-Glass Aspheric 10x Optical Zoom Lens

Exclusive Kodak Color Science Image Processing Chip
With the exclusive Kodak Color Science Image Processing Chip, your pictures come to life just the way you remember it.

1.8-Inch High-Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Display

Manual and custom controls
Turn your creative vision into reality with a full palette of advanced program, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual and custom controls. Manual controls

Program Auto, Aperture Priority, and Shutter Priority

High-Speed, Low-Light Autofocus

Continuous Shooting and Bracketing Modes

Multiple scene and color modes, plus video capture
Free your inner creativity. The Z740 has a mode for almost any situation. You will get the shot you want, the way you want it. Choose one of 16 scene modes to get your shot:

Bring out your creativity with color modes:

Catch all the action with continuous video:

Sharing Is One-Touch Simple
The Z740 is part of the Kodak Easyshare System, so sharing your pictures is one-button simple. Just press Share. On-camera Share button:

Kodak Easyshare Software