Olympus Zuiko 14mm - 45mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ Digital Zoom Lens for the E Digital SLR System

This compact, lightweight standard zoom lens covers the focal distances most commonly used in normal photography, from wide-angle to short-tele-angle. It offers superb cost performance, and because it was designed specifically for use with digital cameras, it also provides excellent image quality. It is ideal not only for first-time SLR digital camera users, but also for advanced users in need of a lens for day-to-day use.
Compact, lightweight "Designed for Digital" standard zoom lens providing the equivalent of a 28-90mm focal length on a 35mm film camera
Providing the equivalent of a 28-90mm focal length range on a 35mm film camera, this compact, lightweight 3.2x standard zoom lens covers the zoom range most frequently used in normal photography. Because it was designed specifically for use with digital cameras, it also provides extremely good image quality all the way out to the periphery of the image. At around 285g, this product is the perfect everyday lens for the photographer on the move.
Ultra-High-Refraction Glass and Dual Aspherical Lens Elements
In the optical system, Olympus has used glass with a refraction index in excess of 1.9 to provide excellent correction of spherical aberration. The combination of an ultra-high-refraction glass lens element with a low-dispersion glass lens element ensures excellent image quality with superior resolution and contrast by effectively eliminating chromatic aberration in the medium-angle range. The use of dual aspherical lens elements significantly reduces distortion, spherical aberration and coma aberration.
Multi-Coating to Reduce Ghosting and Flaring
Ghosting and flaring have been minimized through the use of a special multi-coating process.

Advanced "Floating" Mechanism
The focusing system features a newly developed "floating" mechanism that ensures excellent image quality at all ranges from infinity to extreme close-up. Close-up shooting at a distance of 38cm is possible across the entire focusing range.

Dependable Metal Mount
This product can be used with confidence thanks to its extremely robust and durable metal lens mount.
Construction 12 Elements in 10 Groups including 2 Aspherical Lens Elements
Angle of view 75° to 27°
F stop range f3.5 Wide - f5.6 Telephoto
Minimum Aperture: f22
Closest Focusing Distance 14.96 inches/0.38m
Maximum Magnification 0.16x
Filter Size 58mm
Dimensions (Length x Diameter) 2.8" D x 3.41" L (71 x 86.5mm)
Weight 9.98 oz (285g)
Notes Focal Length: 14-45mm (28mm to 90mm 35mm equivalent)
Compatibility: Teleconverter EC-14: Yes **MF use only
Extension Tube EX-25: Closest Focusing Distance 6 in/153mm
Extended Maximum Image Magnification 1.14x
Minimum Field Size 15 x 11mm